The Client Brief

In a rapidly changing environment from what we once knew, spacial design is evolving.

During lockdown that we’ve all just been through, people had a chance to reflect and ponder what their perfect home spaces would look and work like. We are noticing that a defined thought process has been applied to all the leads that are coming through to us now.

Clients are considering home offices more so the almost defunct study areas are making a comeback. Sometimes at the expensive of a bedroom, depending on client needs. How the spaces flow for the clients have been well thought through and how family members can have their own space when required.

We are seeing this more polished client brief more and more as renovations progress out of the enforced lockdown.

The development of the outdoor entertaining area, directly off the lounge/dining/kitchen has become very popular and usually includes a roof of some sort for weather protection. This gives clients the ability to use the outdoor areas outside of the usual calm weather periods. The extra bathroom, achieved by utilising dead space, is also being included in plans more recently.

These well thought out client scope of works have focused the work more into priorities instead of a scattergun approach to the entire house renovation. This makes it easier to develop plans around these priorities, easier to cost up from a building point of view and avoids the costly reworks and time delays that come with broad, undefined scopes.

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