Garage Conversions

This year we have completed a fair amount of projects where existing garages have been fitted out to create new habitable spaces. Some are an extra bedroom and bathroom, some are new minor dwellings where we have created a studio unit, rented out or used as extra space for extended family.

This is definitely a cost-effective solution by using the existing structure. Building consent is required for this type of conversion.

Some main points are;

  1. Flooring. If your current garage doesn’t have a damp-proof membrane under the concrete, you will need to put one down and pour a 50mm concrete screed over the top. This is to protect the habitable space from hydrostatic water pressure from underneath the concrete slab. If your floor is on a slight slope, then the screed can also be used to re-level the floor. As this will now be a habitable space, the floor area needs to be 150mm above the surrounding ground level if concrete, or 225mm above bare ground. This is normally impossible as the garage is usually only 50mm above ground level to get cars in. This means a concrete nib wall is required around the opening.
  2. Walls. As people will now be living in the converted space, insulation will be required in the walls and ceiling space to meet minimum insulation standards. We can calculate what is required where by using our H1 calculation software.
  3. Ceiling. As well as requiring insulation, the conversation may also need sound proofing if the space is to be a legal minor dwelling. This doubles as fire proofing and again, Design Solutions can calculate what products you need where.

Contact us if you are looking to carry out this type of conversion, we are happy to help.

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