A Strange New Normal

Working through a Pandemic

We’ve now all been through lockdowns and experienced this strange new world of dealing with Covid while trying to find the new normal our lives have become.

Through our own journeys, we have seen the re-emergence of the ‘Study’ space, clients knowing exactly what they want as they come out of restrictive lockdowns and extra living spaces becoming more and more important. Working from home, no overseas holidays and low interest rates have created a kind-of perfect storm for home renovations.

All of those thoughts about improving our dwellings and adding extra space has become more and more important. They have come off the back burner to the front of the priority queue. Another contributing factor to the increase in renovation demand has been the house sales market explosion.

In Auckland, it has become harder and harder to find a larger house to move to for most people looking, so they decide to stay where they are and invest extra money to increase the size of their current home.

As the renovation market gets busier, finding trades available to start your project becomes more difficult also.

We are advising clients to try and lock in your builder earlier if possible although most builders won’t commit until the Building Consent has been issued from Council. Getting your builder engaged in the project through the design phase is one way to keep them in the loop.

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